Ellie Watts, she/they

Ellie Watts (she/they) is more than a Senior Relationship Manager with Pride in Diversity; they’re a catalyst for change in Australia’s corporate landscape. At the helm of groundbreaking research initiatives like ”Being Seen: A Spotlight on Bi+ Inclusion in the Workplace,” Ellie doesn’t just advocate for workplace inclusion—they personify it. Their journey as a non-binary, bisexual, neurodiverse individual, forged in the vibrant tapestry of Regional Queensland, imbues them with a unique perspective that breathes life into their advocacy.

Ellie’s work isn’t just about policies and strategies; it’s about weaving inclusivity into the very fabric of organisations. Their flair for partnership building extends across government, private, higher education, and not-for-profit sectors, crafting robust LGBTQ+ inclusion strategies. But it’s not just professional for Ellie; it’s personal. Their commitment stems from a passion to be the visible role model they wish they’d seen earlier—a trailblazer igniting conversations and transforming perceptions.

Navigating the corporate sphere with finesse and an unwavering dedication to diversity, Ellie isn’t just bridging gaps; they’re constructing bridges forged from understanding, empathy, and dialogue. Their mission isn’t just about checkmarks on a diversity checklist—it’s about nurturing understanding, fostering conversations, and amplifying the voices that often go unheard. Through their work, they’re transforming lives and creating spaces where everyone can thrive authentically.